Killer Orange Delayed

I’ve been talking about this for a couple weeks now, but here is my official post. I apologize to those who have bought my first book “Unbridled” and have seen that “Killer Orange” was slated for release this month. With August gone and the second round of editing in full swing, this novel did not make the release date. I would rather give my readers a fully polished product than something I forced out there because of a self-imposed deadline.

By gaging the work this book needs, the release date will be end of October. It might even be a nice Halloween event, considering the subject matter of the book.

In the mean time, look for some quick upcoming updates. I’ll be doing a Goodreads giveaway for “Unbrided” and I will be doing a short-term lowered price of the book as well. I’ll be releasing the Cover page of “Killer Orange” in September as well.

As I go through edits, I will also be sharing some snippets of the book.

I’m both excited and nervous for this editing process. Only because I know my editors can be harsh, but I’m going to be even harsher on myself, now that the smoke has cleared.

Enjoy your holiday!


H.K. Rowe


It’s going to be a long editing process…


Indie Author Book Release Promotion

Unbridled on sale now!

Unbridled on sale now!

Today my book “Unbridled” is being promoted at Indie Author Books!

Here is my author page and details at their website.

I’m very excited to get a bit more exposure!


H.K. Rowe

Vacation, Writing & Drafting + Excerpt

My vacation comes up next week on June 12th. I’m headed out with some friends to Philadelphia to celebrate another friend’s birthday. It’s going to be a blast and the anticipation we all feel has been just bursting. I can’t wait to hang out with them all again. These girls helped me get through some of the worst times. Those are the kinds of people I treasure more than anything.

Before that, the weekend will be filled with a lot of things. Mostly, I’ll be doing some writing by starting two of my short stories I plan to release before Killer Orange, my next novel slated for August release. I will also be doing some marketing for Unbridled so I can leave some business cards with my book links in every place I go on my vacation! I don’t know how effective that is as marketing plan but hey, it’s better than nothing. We’ll see what the conversion rate is on that. I might even need to get a T-shirt made. 🙂

After my vacation, work will get serious! It’s time to start drafting Killer Orange as well as making those short stories presentable.

But to just wet your appetite for Killer Orange, here’s an excerpt — (Bear with me, it’s so raw and unedited at this point.)


Before she could push the button, she spotted someone coming up the driveway. Rolling her eyes, she marched forward, ready to punt the next person off her property the moment they asked her how much she was selling her things for!

“It’s not…” Her tempered voice trailed off when she set her eyes on the golden face with a bright smile. His hair looked like golden fleece in the sunlight, and she had to avert her eyes quickly before plunging into his whiskey colored eyes. “a garage sale…”

“Yeah, I know,” he said, chuckling. “I could hear you yelling it a million times from my house.” Rebecca tried not to stare, but she gave up and looked him over. Wow. Wow and double wow. He was a sight! The only problem was…like everyone else in this neighborhood, he was a tanning nut too! On closer look, she thought, at least this new neighbor looked natural and healthy. Very healthy, for she started to find it difficult to not look over his lean and toned form, towering slightly over her.


Until later, Cheers!

H.K. Rowe

Thank you & Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who has purchased and read my book! I want to send a special thanks to my reviewers and raters on Amazon and Goodreads: Ladytuono, Nuria Romero, Sakura, Susan Schmidt, RSO Kent, and LAB. Your support is much appreciated!

Now that’s settled, here are some things to look forward to on the agenda:

* Local & word-of-mouth Marketing for Unbridled

* Promotion with Indie Author News

* Print copy giveaway promotion

* 2 new short stories between now and August, entitled Blazing Heat and Stranger’s Kiss

* Killer Orange drafting & editing

* other Writing & Design projects

Hope everyone has a great week!


H.K. Rowe

Writing Helpers

I hope everyone enjoyed the excerpt from Unbridled yesterday!

It’s a quiet Sunday morning and I’m about to get ready to go pick up my client for lunch and do her community and personal goals for the day. I usually hang out with her on Saturday but she had a wedding yesterday so we’re getting together today.



Before that, I’m enjoying my coffee while I preview my print version of my book that will be released through Create Space. Of course, I wasn’t happy with how the cover looked, so I edited in Photoshop and re-uploaded it. I have to wait all over again for the review process to finalize. I guess it’s better than looking at a cover all the time of my own story that bugs me!

In the picture above are my helpers, Malachy and Whiskey. Whiskey is purebred beagle and Malachy is a beagle/schnauzer mix. Other than my husband, they are the loves of my life. They have been with me through some tough times. Beagles are sweet, loving dogs, but they are also very stubborn and food-crazy, which I guess makes life interesting.

I hope everyone has a great day. It’s already beautiful out here in the ‘burbs of Chicago. Sunny and a clear day with beautiful temps. I’m looking forward to enjoying it!

I’ll be posting the print links to Unbridled soon!


H.K. Rowe


The Next Step


Still riding the excitement of Unbridled‘s release!

But I guess now that the book is out and I’m in full swing adding it to other sites, I need to start thinking about the next releases.

Obviously, I’m committed to releasing the next novel, “Killer Orange” hopefully at the beginning of August. I was thinking in the mean time of releasing too short novellas in June and July to help keep the momentum going.

The only challenge now is what to do! I have a ton of story ideas! Now I have to see which one my muse wants to tackle the most.



H.K. Rowe

The Day After: Thank You!

Unbridled has been out for less than a day and I thank everyone for spreading the word, purchasing and reading the book.

I want to do a special shout out to Heather who even plugged me on her blog.


Thanks so much!

And don’t forget, Unbridled is available at Amazon right now!
I will update my blog further when other purchasing options become available.

Also please tag it on Goodreads if you intend to read!

Please also sign up for my mailing list at the link on the side!


H.K. Rowe



Unbridled cover!

Unbridled cover!

“Unbridled” is now available for your reading pleasure!

Please click link to the Amazon Kindle version to purchase. Only $2.99 and wired instantly to your devices!

I’ll be making the book available at other sites too. I will update you all accordingly for those links as well.

Party time!

Yay! I’m so excited! Please read and let me know what you think either by review and/or rating. It’s been added to Goodreads as well so just search for my author name and you’ll find it.