I have very weird taste when it comes to reading, watching TV and buying products. I thought I’d give some of the reviews of some of the media I consume to show my love for all things unappreciated, weird and intriguing.

Gakuen Heaven (Amazon Prime)
TV Show

A classic Boys Love anime about an unremarkable transfer student who predictably intrigues all of the other talented boys at the academy and gets closer to a friend who is not who he seems. Lots of fan service, tropes, and anime loveliness.

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indie bites anthology

Indie Bites Vol. 1, “Vampires & Voyages” by Various Authors

This is the first magazine by Silver Sun books comprised of fantastic little tales of vampires and voyages. Each story is unique and engaging, showcasing a lot of talent from these indie authors.

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TV Review – Cherry Magic! 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

A Japanese BL drama about a shy office worker who gains magic powers on his 30th birthday because he’s a virgin. After being able to read people’s minds, Adachi realizes that one of his colleagues, the handsome popular Kurosawa, is in love with him.

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TV ReviewCoffee & Vanilla

Risa is a meek, gorgeous college student who falls for 30 year old businessman Hiroto Fukami and gets caught up in his posh elite world as the two combat obstacles and fall in love with each other.

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TV Review – Color Rush

In a world of Monos and Probes, Yeon Woo meets Yoo Han, becoming close as one offers all the colors of the world, and the other offers a clear picture and fated love.

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