Unbridled Excerpt #3

Unbridled Excerpt #3 — Last one in celebration of my print proofs coming today. It is in review and the print link will be available soon!


“Ethan?” The feminine voice called out again, and Ethan could make out a small petite Asian girl running toward him. “Ethan!” She broke out into a sprint as a wide grin opened on Ethan’s face.

“Howin!” Ethan waved, and Elekta appeared shock that Ethan would show such emotion in public, if at all.

She saw Howin tumble into Ethan’s arms, and her eyes widened in surprise as she saw Ethan plant a quick kiss on Howin’s forehead.

Howin laughed and looked up at him. “You didn’t tell me you were coming here, of all schools.”

Ethan laughed. “I guess I forgot. Sorry. How’s Master doing?”

“Father? He’s good, gruff as ever but good. And you?” she asked, staring at him affectionately.

“I’ll survive,” he joked, and then he saw Howin turn her attention to Elekta.

“Oh, Elekta! I’m so glad your cousin is coming to Howl’s. We’re old friends, he and I. Well, actually we’re both students at my father’s martial arts studio. I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you I knew them,” Howin shrugged innocently and beamed.

“It’s quite all right,” Elekta nodded, forcing a sweet smile. “Howin, I’m so glad. I trust your break was a good one?” Elekta may have not have been outwardly pleased at their closeness, but she could at least muster up politeness.

Ethan was most interested in her reaction to Howin’s presence. He smirked wickedly and continued to hug Howin much to Elekta’s mildly visible discomfort.

“Yes, it was good – incredibly short, but good,” Howin seemed bored by the conversation and then directed her attention to his brother. She nodded and Brian smiled.

Ethan found this funny that Brian seemed to smile more to his obvious affections to Howin than when he ever mentioned Staisha. As funny as that fact was, there was nothing he could do about it. Howin was merely a friend, among other things, but not someone he could get involved with while he was tied to Staisha.

Though as Howin talked to Brian, Ethan looked over to Elekta, whose smile was so fake it was frightening. She was undoubtedly seething in the inside.

He looked back at Howin and inwardly grinned.

A Giving Post

For once a post isn’t shameless promotion about my book…

I went for a long walk yesterday before my New Moon solitary ritual, and I thought about a lot of things, mostly my place in life, what I struggle with and the kind of person I’m becoming even though my dad is no longer in this world to see it.

A lot of thoughts from then and now are spiraling into a similar topic: Giving.

Not just charity, but core generosity of the human spirit. I realized that I always enjoyed giving things to people and extending my time for them without expecting anything in return. In fact, we do get something in return for generosity.

Then I wonder about people who are so imprisoned by greed and making money no matter the cost if they ever had the chance to give to charity.

While people in the top 1% or even top 5% clutch their money to their person as if it was an attached body part they could not live without, I wonder if they’ve ever experienced true moments of generosity. Not just giving money, but giving part of themselves or their time.

I want to ask them: Have you ever given a service or helping hand to someone and you were rewarded with their gratitude? Have you ever seen someone’s face of happiness, felt their relief as you helped carry their burden? Have you ever felt the warmth of their smile, just as warm as the sun as you brought them just a little small amount of transient peace?

Have you ever felt that mutual, empathic release from improving the day of just one more of your fellow man or woman? Have you given presents to a family on Christmas because they could not afford them and seen relief, faith and hope in their eyes?

Have you helped a friend or colleague with a mountain of work that was wearing them down? Have you seen them sigh in relief and maybe hear that they went home happier because you alleviated that small stress?

Have you helped a family member with a bill, knowing she or he would pay you back, just that they were tight and desperate that moment of time? Have you felt the small ease of their suffering thanks to your light?

I wonder about people who hold their money so close they can’t even be bothered to raise the salary of a hardworking employee because God forbid, they need to make payments on their second or third sports car.

I wonder if they’ve ever give anyone a moment of their precious time to move them to another house or fix them a meal when they are hungry and struggling to pay bills.

I wonder.

But then again, I am no stranger to generosity. I have received it and felt grateful. I have given and felt relief and grace. Just seeing someone’s smile or feeling someone’s hug because I helped them makes my day. It makes getting out of bed and dealing with the not-so generous worthwhile.

I admit, my husband and I don’t have much money, but if I can redirect some small part of it to another source, rather than say, a Starbucks visit, I’m willing to do that.

Today I contributed to the Reading Rainbow kickstarter and another kickstarter project. I know it was some of my drinking money for my upcoming vacation, but really, it’s going to a better place now, don’t you think?


H.K. Rowe


Marketing Fatigue

I feel like the marketing for Unbridled is going okay for starting out, but I’ve realized how annoyed I’m getting with it because it’s taking me away with time I could be spending on my next books.


So I set out a game plan to follow tonight that I’ll probably still market it when I can but not fret so much about it. If the book doesn’t do much, it’s just how it is. I should move on and work on being more prolific instead of dwelling on one book.

Thanks to all who have picked it up and read it. Thanks for the reviews too!

When I get the print copy I’ll be doing a giveaway. All in due time. My proofs are on their way.

Tonight is the New Moon. I’m a pagan so I’ll be taking a break from books, work and other worries to meditate tonight and commune with my Goddess. I hope other Pagans have a splendid evening. Blessed Be.

Rest in Peace Maya Angelou. One of the greatest contemporary poets. One of the gifts my husband had given me while dating was a book full of her love poems. Her work touched me as well.


H.K. Rowe

Unbridled Excerpt #2

Please enjoy another excerpt from Unbridled…


“In moments, he felt her nails dig into his arms as she pulled his hands away from covering his face. He looked at her, piercing into her vehement eyes with his own. She was enraged, her brow furrowed and her lips curled in disgust.

“You mean little punk! How dare you say that about my father! He’s done everything for you and your pathetic family. He doesn’t even compare to the lives of your parents! Now show him your respect!”

She didn’t need to threaten him; it was just instinct. He knew what she could do if he didn’t obey her. And all he could do was listen to her. He wouldn’t even allow himself to show emotion for what she said about his parents, and he knew that they were better off dead than knowing the mess he had gotten into with her. As much as it pained him to think like that, he felt it was true.

He relaxed under her grip as she held his arms above his head. His face softened to a listless expression. He saw Staisha relax as he stared at her with his own submission.

He said in husky tones, “I apologize, Staisha.”

She frowned, and her angry disposition faded with her strength around his wrists. His voice could sometimes do that to her, no matter how angry she became. Though if he ever brought up her mother, it would take more than that to subdue her. She fell over his chest and lied on top of him, stroking his skin on his arms lovingly.”


H.K. Rowe

Memorial Day

The proof copies for Unbridled have been ordered and they are on my way to my house. Create Space recommended I look at a physical copy before selling, and I agree. I bought the maximum number they allow for proofs too.

I should be getting them next week some time. I hope sooner than that, but I understand they have to print them. 🙂

I hope everyone had a good relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Bless you all.

Marketing for the book continues, and then next up is working on some of my WIPs and drafting “Killer Orange”. I’ll probably peruse through my kindle app to read some indie books while I’m at it, as well as catch up with my poor overflowing DVR shows. 🙂


H.K. Rowe

Writing Helpers

I hope everyone enjoyed the excerpt from Unbridled yesterday!

It’s a quiet Sunday morning and I’m about to get ready to go pick up my client for lunch and do her community and personal goals for the day. I usually hang out with her on Saturday but she had a wedding yesterday so we’re getting together today.



Before that, I’m enjoying my coffee while I preview my print version of my book that will be released through Create Space. Of course, I wasn’t happy with how the cover looked, so I edited in Photoshop and re-uploaded it. I have to wait all over again for the review process to finalize. I guess it’s better than looking at a cover all the time of my own story that bugs me!

In the picture above are my helpers, Malachy and Whiskey. Whiskey is purebred beagle and Malachy is a beagle/schnauzer mix. Other than my husband, they are the loves of my life. They have been with me through some tough times. Beagles are sweet, loving dogs, but they are also very stubborn and food-crazy, which I guess makes life interesting.

I hope everyone has a great day. It’s already beautiful out here in the ‘burbs of Chicago. Sunny and a clear day with beautiful temps. I’m looking forward to enjoying it!

I’ll be posting the print links to Unbridled soon!


H.K. Rowe


Unbrided Excerpt #1

Sharing some excerpts from my book “Unbridled”. I hope you like this first one. This is basically one of the first scenes that popped into my head that gave form to the rest of the story.

by H.K. Rowe
Available Now

Ethan clenched his jaw in annoyance. Apparently, he was trying to be serious when she wasn’t taking his anger to heart. Elekta didn’t want to be serious; she was still too scared.

“No, it’s not,” Ethan said. But he said nothing. Elekta regarded him curiously.

“Why don’t you come into the pool then, Ethan? If it’s going to be a longer chat.”

He sighed in defeat. “Is that the only way you’re going to listen to me?”

Elekta nodded slowly. “Besides, it should cool you off.” She locked eyes with him, her expression intense. “We both had a bad night.”

Her confidence wavered though when Ethan began undressing himself at the edge of the pool, standing before her in nothing but his underwear. She eyed him hungrily, with his taut, youthful muscles, his darkened flesh, and his skin still glistening from sweat. She tried to avoid looking below his stomach, but could not resist. He was wearing tightly fitted black briefs after all. 

And suddenly, with his feet first, he jumped into the pool with her. She swam around him, but was suddenly surprised as he came up close to her and grabbed onto her arms. He pushed her flush against the adjacent edge. Ethan’s head surfaced and he was glowering at her, yet there was something else plaguing his troubled eyes.

“They almost killed you tonight,” he said, his voice an angry whisper. “I can’t believe how stupid you were.”

“I know, Ethan,” she said softly. She shifted in his grasp, and she felt him rub against her body under the water. She lifted her head and stared at him. “I know. I shouldn’t have followed you and Howin. I didn’t know that you’d be in such danger.”

“But why, Elekta? Why are you following me? Why do you even care? Haven’t I rejected you enough? When will you get the hint?” he asked bitingly at her, and his grip on her arms tightened. Elekta winced, and she knew she’d have bruises there tomorrow.

“I’m… I’m sorry, but I can’t stop,” she whined. “I had to know where you work. I wanted to find out more about you because…” She stopped. Could she really tell him her grand plan? She was afraid how he’d take it. She was sure, given Ethan’s personality, he would get angry at the idea of a silly girl wanting to save him.

“Because what, Elekta?” He shook her in the water. “Tell me!”

“Because I want to save you!” she yelled out, sobbing. Her head fell down against his chest as she cried. Ethan froze, stunned from her words. She slowly lifted her head to him, cupping his jaw in her hands. “I don’t know how, but I’m in love with you. I’ve felt your suffering since day one. Something wasn’t right, and I knew you were cursed. I also knew it had to be me that would help you.” She pleaded with him as he started to back away.

She grabbed his face. “Listen, Ethan Carpenter, you give me purpose. I’m nobody here. I’m stuck in this family with parents who barely acknowledge me, and they push me away and drop me into stupid ballet classes and piano lessons so I’ll keep away from them. My mother is an alcoholic and my father doesn’t love his family anymore. He’d rather sit downtown in a cathouse than spend time with his family. If someone annoys him enough, he just throws money at them. No one has ever cared for me, but I can still care for others.”

She paused and smiled at him. “Ethan, I have all this love to give someone, and I want to give it to you because you have none.”

He looked bewildered by her confession, and he dropped his hands from her, backing away from her. He frowned, his eyes glazing over with despair and anger. “I’m sorry, Elekta,” he said. “You can’t save me. My life belongs to someone else.”

Thanks for reading!

H.K. Rowe

Thank You!

I want to first shout out a thank you to my early reviewers of my novel Unbridled: LAB, Ladytuono, and RSO Kent. Thank you for your honesty and feedback. I appreciate it beyond anything a blog post could ever say!

It’s the end of the week, and I hope everyone is excited for the Memorial Day weekend. Work ended well as our company president let us out two hours early today. I am Blessed to work for someone that generous and cool.

I was able to do a few errands: go to the bank, buy some potting soil for my poor Spider plant who has grown out of her old pot, and do some laundry. Husband and I had dinner, and I called my mom. All was good. The only thing that was probably disappointing today was that the baby-making journey still continues, but at least I can party a little bit more when I go on vacation in June to see friends in Philadelphia.

Tomorrow the husband and I will finally get to do some more errands we’ve been wanting to do around the house. I still need to unearth my summer clothes now that the Chicago weather has decided to skip Spring this year. I went into my closet today to grab a shirt only to find sweaters. No, I don’t miss the Polar Vortex at all!

Sunday I will see my client for my at home Supported Living Assistant job, and I have to do some research on something we can do. I hope the weather is nice. Monday, Mom comes out for a visit while my husband grills and I’ll make salad and sides. Then Mom and I will enjoy some suburban shopping. I might take her to Savers.

Memorial Day is going to be tough for Mom and I. I miss my dad alot, and I know she misses him a lot too. It’s been hard but he will be sorely remembered even more this weekend.

I intend on drinking a beer for him and having a pork rib, knowing in spirit he would enjoy those things with us too. And I hope my husband and I can give my mom a day where she won’t be lonely. We will have to create new family traditions now that he is gone.

Blessings and Cheers to all.

H.K. Rowe