H.K. (Heather) Rowe is a writer from the Chicago suburbs. She has been writing and drawing since birth, and possibly in other past lives. As an avid reader, her stories are influenced by some of her favorite authors, such as V.C. Andrews, Jane Austen, Kim Harrison, and Neil Gaiman. Some of her favorite genres are Romance, Thrillers, Fantasy, Paranormal, Adventure, and Fairy Tales.

H.K. leads a double life as well, working as a UI/Web designer in the Chicago suburbs. Technology, User Experience, and Web Design are a few more of her passions.

In her rare free time, she likes coming up with new recipes to try out on her husband and walking her dogs Heidi and Holly. She also takes care of her precocious daughter, Miss J, and she has also adopted a scrappy tabby cat with a bobbed tail and bottomless stomach.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. So I don’t know why I never read your About page before, but after your mention of the RenFaire, I had to check this out. I live not so very far from Bristol :-). And my husband works in Lisle. The world just got a whole lot smaller.

    • Wow, small world indeed! I live in South Elgin. So very close…Do you go to any of the writing groups out in your area? Elgin has one but I haven’t yet attended..

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