Facebook Milestone!


I’m happy to report that my Facebook page has reached over 100 likes!

Thank you everyone for your support! I’m hoping to release a short story this July and then work on drafting my second novel for publication in August. I will also be doing a giveaway on Goodreads soon!

Thanks again!

H.K. Rowe

Indie Author Book Release Promotion

Unbridled on sale now!

Unbridled on sale now!

Today my book “Unbridled” is being promoted at Indie Author Books!

Here is my author page and details at their website.

I’m very excited to get a bit more exposure!


H.K. Rowe

Current Writing Challenges

Greta Garbo knows it

Greta Garbo knows it

Lately I’ve been squeezing every free hour into writing, and so far it’s been very challenging. There are other factors, of course, and it’s been hard to catch up with things that were neglected while I was on my trip.

Some of the challenges are more obvious, like Time and Motivation, which are suffering because circumstances in this month are just eating them away.

I’m getting kind of tired of trying to navigate personal problems in order to find time for myself. I’m not sure I’ve figured out how to do that yet. I feel like a majority of my personal problems are from other people influencing me. I kind of wish I had the capability of shutting myself into my studio office at home and blocking out all the distractions, of needy dogs, a hungry husband, and friends and family constantly needing counseling.

Where’s my moment of solitary respite? When can I actually be rewarded with some kind of personal time for myself that everyone will understand that I need as a writer (and as an introspective thinker) and not act panicked or insulted when I say “No, I can’t” when they need me.

I have been failing at that, I suppose. It’s a learning process. I’m determined to make it work though. When I start to feel that my passion for writing is faltering, I know it’s not the passion itself but the frustration of seeing it just within my grasp and never being able to hold on to it.

The ideas are swirling around. My characters are calling to me, pretty much shouting in my ear. I’m listening but I feel like I’m stuck in cement.

And for once it’s not work that’s keeping me down. At least that is a refreshing constant.


H.K. Rowe

Back from Vacation


I’m back from a vacation in Philadelphia with girlfriends that was desperately needed and appreciated. I spent a lot of time relaxing, sight seeing, drinking wine, going out with friends, and enjoying not having anything expected of me for four days.

I came back to a clean house thanks to the husband, naughty dogs who missed me, and a feeling of renewal to get back to my life. I think the reprieve gave me some time to ponder over a lot of things I have been stuck on in the past few months.

The support for Unbridled was appreciated and I am grateful, but it’s time to move on to the next adventure. I’ve already started a short story and now with the vacation behind me, I can get back to the grind.

I have a busy month coming up, and I will be fighting for free writing time anywhere I can.

Until then, please enjoy Unbridled, and I will be posting some other story excerpts soon.


H.K. Rowe


Vacation & Writing

Going on vacation in Philly starting Thursday. Of coure things are crazy up until I finally get on that plane, but I’m hoping to keep things in order.

I just hope to any god or goddess that will listen that this vacation renews my writing spirit because lately I’ve struggled so much with it.

Too many stories started with some sluggish in between times and endings in the far off distance. Ah, the worries and struggles of a writer.

Until next time,

H.K. Rowe

Vacation, Writing & Drafting + Excerpt

My vacation comes up next week on June 12th. I’m headed out with some friends to Philadelphia to celebrate another friend’s birthday. It’s going to be a blast and the anticipation we all feel has been just bursting. I can’t wait to hang out with them all again. These girls helped me get through some of the worst times. Those are the kinds of people I treasure more than anything.

Before that, the weekend will be filled with a lot of things. Mostly, I’ll be doing some writing by starting two of my short stories I plan to release before Killer Orange, my next novel slated for August release. I will also be doing some marketing for Unbridled so I can leave some business cards with my book links in every place I go on my vacation! I don’t know how effective that is as marketing plan but hey, it’s better than nothing. We’ll see what the conversion rate is on that. I might even need to get a T-shirt made. 🙂

After my vacation, work will get serious! It’s time to start drafting Killer Orange as well as making those short stories presentable.

But to just wet your appetite for Killer Orange, here’s an excerpt — (Bear with me, it’s so raw and unedited at this point.)


Before she could push the button, she spotted someone coming up the driveway. Rolling her eyes, she marched forward, ready to punt the next person off her property the moment they asked her how much she was selling her things for!

“It’s not…” Her tempered voice trailed off when she set her eyes on the golden face with a bright smile. His hair looked like golden fleece in the sunlight, and she had to avert her eyes quickly before plunging into his whiskey colored eyes. “a garage sale…”

“Yeah, I know,” he said, chuckling. “I could hear you yelling it a million times from my house.” Rebecca tried not to stare, but she gave up and looked him over. Wow. Wow and double wow. He was a sight! The only problem was…like everyone else in this neighborhood, he was a tanning nut too! On closer look, she thought, at least this new neighbor looked natural and healthy. Very healthy, for she started to find it difficult to not look over his lean and toned form, towering slightly over her.


Until later, Cheers!

H.K. Rowe

Thank you & Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who has purchased and read my book! I want to send a special thanks to my reviewers and raters on Amazon and Goodreads: Ladytuono, Nuria Romero, Sakura, Susan Schmidt, RSO Kent, and LAB. Your support is much appreciated!

Now that’s settled, here are some things to look forward to on the agenda:

* Local & word-of-mouth Marketing for Unbridled

* Promotion with Indie Author News

* Print copy giveaway promotion

* 2 new short stories between now and August, entitled Blazing Heat and Stranger’s Kiss

* Killer Orange drafting & editing

* other Writing & Design projects

Hope everyone has a great week!


H.K. Rowe

Unbridled is everywhere!

I’ve updated my H.K. Rowe books page and finally have the completed links on where you can buy Unbridled, whether in ebook or print format.

Please check out all the available links here. 

I’ll be doing something with Indie Author News soon. I will keep you posted when I start working with them.

In the mean time, thanks to all who have picked up my book so far!