The Next Step


Still riding the excitement of Unbridled‘s release!

But I guess now that the book is out and I’m in full swing adding it to other sites, I need to start thinking about the next releases.

Obviously, I’m committed to releasing the next novel, “Killer Orange” hopefully at the beginning of August. I was thinking in the mean time of releasing too short novellas in June and July to help keep the momentum going.

The only challenge now is what to do! I have a ton of story ideas! Now I have to see which one my muse wants to tackle the most.



H.K. Rowe

2 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Wow, how exciting that you already have so many stories that can be prepped for publication! And LOL, I know what you mean about story ideas; I have heaps of them, too. My muse is hardly ever much help in deciding what to focus on, so hopefully yours is less indecisive than mine! 😉

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