H.K. Rowe’s Books

My debut novel Unbridled is now available in ebook form for purchase. Please read it today!

Unbridled by H.K. Rowe. Debut novel. Print and Kindle version available. Free on KU.
Mod Fury
Mod Fury by HK Rowe – New urban fantasy series on Amazon! Free on KU.
The Sinner and the Serpent: Tales of Lilith and Eve by HK Rowe on Wattpad. Free to read.
Spirits Abound: Ghostly Little Tales by various authors. “Deathly Ever After” by H.K. Rowe
Promise to Keep by HK Rowe. Short story on Amazon.
spellbinding cover
Spellbinding: An Anthology of Magic by various authors. “Promise to Keep” by H.K. Rowe (out of print)

More books and short stories will be added soon! Thanks for your support.

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