NaNoWriMo – Beginnings

I’m almost ready to go to work, but I thought I’d share this quickly. A NaNoWriMo link passed on my Facebook feed today, so I logged into my account and started filling out the details for the November 2014.

I’ve already written character bios for my two main characters, and now I have a title. So here it is.

Autumn Fire

Dori and Sam have always had a strange bond; they’ve both lost someone special in a car accident: Dori’s older brother Jon and Sam’s best friend. After Sam loses his job, he becomes homeless, prompting Dori to take him into her home. Dori is ready to help Sam heal from his demons, but is she ready to fall in love with an older man?

It’s probably going to be Jodi Piccoult type angst. No magic, no vampires, just a slow and cautious relationship.

It’s in the beginning stages, so there’s still time to figure out what “thing” might challenge the protagonists beyond, you know, the obvious as the age difference.

And I think I’ll start sketching out the characters. That might be one of the next things I post about the story.


HK Rowe

NaNoWriMo Prep

Well, it looks like I caught the bug too! I always enjoying NaNoWriMo and even though things have been insanely busy, it seems I can’t escape the excitement of NaNo coming around the corner.

The story is still in pieces in my brain, but I started doing character profiles yesterday in my notebook and things are starting to come together! I’m getting excited for it, so let’s see where it goes.

How’s everyone else’s NaNoWriMo plans going so far?


Monday Blogs – NaNoWriMo Thoughts

I admit… I went from not knowing if I would participate in NaNoWriMo this year, to getting inspired for a brand new story that’s not in my “Story Ideas” folder in my Google Drive.

I’m also sort of excited about it, and the character backgrounds are already beginning to formulate and come together, especially the male character – who my brain seems to add layer upon layer already.

The characters aren’t the only exciting thing I want to play with, it’s the relationship – a May-December relationship that I’ve always had a fascination with, with all the stigmas and notions that come from it – I want my characters to explore that, to find love despite odds and their friends and family disapproving of them. I’m already falling in love with the characters myself, so I feel extremely inspired – yet cautious.

They are still, unfortunately, locked away in my head, and I know if I start opening up that file and jotting stuff down, I’ll fully commit myself to NaNoWriMo and then I might freak out from the pressure.

In addition to that, I’m already starting to feel guilty that “new story” is occupying brain space when I should really be working on Killer Orange editing, which has stalled unfortunately thanks to freelance projects and a busy September. October is starting to look just as crazy – at least on the weekends.

Once I chew through all the anxiety (which is another matter altogether), I really feel I should commit myself to Killer Orange. If I can do that in a month’s time and still manage to begin NaNoWriMo, then I’d consider that a huge, productive achievement.

Fingers crossed!


I have a working laptop now! I managed to save it from the dead, and put in a new hard drive, but my old Mac is still kicking, even though I gave her a sex change, sort of, lol, as she runs on ubuntu now and not OS X. Oh well, you gotta use whatever works! Especially since $40 for a hard drive is more economical right now than a brand new laptop.

“Unbridled” is still in the beta reading process so I’m anxiously awaiting to hear back from my reader to see her opinions and suggestions. In the mean time I’ve narrowed down the perfect stock photo for a cover, I just have to change some things in Photoshop. It’s very exciting! I think I just “knew” when I stumbled onto that photo that she was very much like my character, the atmosphere and background were perfect, and the expression on the model’s face was exactly the mood I wanted to create. Amazing how that happens. Now to find the right font… I’m such a font snob that finding the right one might be harder than finding a picture!

Also, Camp Nanowrimo still goes on. I haven’t updated my word count at the site, but I’m still writing. It’s been hard because I’ve had a lot of distractions; fixing my computer, work, getting over a migraine, working out, website work, and spending time with my family and friends. Things are better now that I’ve solved the problem with my laptop and taxes are paid. I feel more relaxed, haha!

Meanwhile, marketing for “Unbridled” continues. I plan on posting more on the book, sharing tidbits about characters, a family tree, and inspirations.

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


This was actually the runner-up to the photo I really chose. This girl looks just like my female protagonist, Elekta from “Unbridled” as well, but the other stock photo that won has a better expression. 🙂



H.K. Rowe