Monday Blogs – NaNoWriMo Thoughts

I admit… I went from not knowing if I would participate in NaNoWriMo this year, to getting inspired for a brand new story that’s not in my “Story Ideas” folder in my Google Drive.

I’m also sort of excited about it, and the character backgrounds are already beginning to formulate and come together, especially the male character – who my brain seems to add layer upon layer already.

The characters aren’t the only exciting thing I want to play with, it’s the relationship – a May-December relationship that I’ve always had a fascination with, with all the stigmas and notions that come from it – I want my characters to explore that, to find love despite odds and their friends and family disapproving of them. I’m already falling in love with the characters myself, so I feel extremely inspired – yet cautious.

They are still, unfortunately, locked away in my head, and I know if I start opening up that file and jotting stuff down, I’ll fully commit myself to NaNoWriMo and then I might freak out from the pressure.

In addition to that, I’m already starting to feel guilty that “new story” is occupying brain space when I should really be working on Killer Orange editing, which has stalled unfortunately thanks to freelance projects and a busy September. October is starting to look just as crazy – at least on the weekends.

Once I chew through all the anxiety (which is another matter altogether), I really feel I should commit myself to Killer Orange. If I can do that in a month’s time and still manage to begin NaNoWriMo, then I’d consider that a huge, productive achievement.

Fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on “Monday Blogs – NaNoWriMo Thoughts

  1. Ooooooo, I hope you’ll do NaNo!!
    Don’t feel guilty that your new idea is taking over the KO editing… Let your creative energy go where it wants; at some point, you will hit The Block with the new idea, and you’ll be glad you got as much down as you did when you did.
    And if you need any info/experience/whatever, my husband is 20 years older than I, and we’ve been together for 10 years ;-).

    • Thanks! I most likely will. I’ve already started outlining the character profiles.
      And yes! I’d love to hear your experiences if you have any good tips, like feelings or hangups from the beginning of the relationship to outside viewpoints from friends/relatives, whatever. 🙂

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