Here comes NaNoWriMo… and those pesky distractions

As my NaNoWriMo ideas start to come together in my head, I’m looking to the internet for good tips in starting it, working on characters, and thinking about the sorts of conflicts my characters are going to have to really challenge yet stabilize their growing relationship.

There is LOTS of thinking. I’ve done Character profiles. Next I think it’ll be doodling and outlining. I’m almost ready! (I keep telling myself that, seriously.)

I’m also taking notice of some potential distractions. Though, not bad, just…well, distractions…

1) editing Killer Orange: Oh yes. That’s still happening. I’m going to work on my cover soon. I’ve made myself feel guilty enough I haven’t touched it. I am THINKING about it. Though, that doesn’t do too much productively.

2) Unfinished paintings: This may go into December, but a local art shop is looking for submissions. My Ophelia painting is starting to stare at me while I’m in my studio. “Finish me!” And I have a few ideas for some old paintings and how to rework them into something new.

3) Drawings: I still want to draw SOMETHING at least every day, even if it’s just a sketch or maybe even a life drawing study. Drawing really is like working a muscle, and well, I’ve been sorely out of shape.

4) RL: Why do I have to go to work again and not spend all day writing? Oh, right. Bills. I also suppose I have a husband and two dogs to care for. I have family that, for some reason, likes my company. Friends too. Then there’s this really cumbersome holiday coming up in November called Thanksgiving. I have two family sides clamoring for our presence. If only people could be understanding that I’m a writer and maybe I want to hole myself up into my studio and not come out and socialize! No? Well… there you go then.

5) Fitness: I really REALLY need to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise in my day. It’s good for my stress, and I’d LIKE to fit into some of my old pants again. Someday.

So there are my uphill battles for the coming month. Time to put on the armor, take up the Sword of Multitasking from the stone, and ride into battle.



HK Rowe

6 thoughts on “Here comes NaNoWriMo… and those pesky distractions

  1. At least you’ve got me beat on working out. That’s something I never find the motivation to do!

    It’s very hard to juggle writing not only with RL, but also with other arts. I’ve got my cosplay stuff, and Austin wants to help me learn the drums, and someday I’ll get back into film too. But it’s all shoved aside in order to work on writing. Not enough hours in the day, are there? Alas. Hopefully NaNoWriMo will be productive for us both.

    • I try to work out at least 3-4 times a week. It really works better in the morning but some days I just don’t feel it, lol. I want to get to 5-6 days a week.

      It is hard to juggle with art. It’s sad because usually my art loses out to writing. :/ I really need to do something about that.

      Good luck to us both on NaNo!

  2. Wow, you have so much on your plate right now. Good luck with everything, especially with the holidays being so close! (That never fails to make goals even more overwhelming.) And LOL, I feel the same exact way about real life. It’d be nice for it to go hide somewhere whenever I need to accomplish something creative!

  3. if only we could all just focus on NaNoWriMo and shut out the rest of the world. 😀 Good luck and those to-do list might just help you with your writing, like working on your cover and painting. Extra points for fitness. I could never do that! Lol.

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