A Giving Post

For once a post isn’t shameless promotion about my book…

I went for a long walk yesterday before my New Moon solitary ritual, and I thought about a lot of things, mostly my place in life, what I struggle with and the kind of person I’m becoming even though my dad is no longer in this world to see it.

A lot of thoughts from then and now are spiraling into a similar topic: Giving.

Not just charity, but core generosity of the human spirit. I realized that I always enjoyed giving things to people and extending my time for them without expecting anything in return. In fact, we do get something in return for generosity.

Then I wonder about people who are so imprisoned by greed and making money no matter the cost if they ever had the chance to give to charity.

While people in the top 1% or even top 5% clutch their money to their person as if it was an attached body part they could not live without, I wonder if they’ve ever experienced true moments of generosity. Not just giving money, but giving part of themselves or their time.

I want to ask them: Have you ever given a service or helping hand to someone and you were rewarded with their gratitude? Have you ever seen someone’s face of happiness, felt their relief as you helped carry their burden? Have you ever felt the warmth of their smile, just as warm as the sun as you brought them just a little small amount of transient peace?

Have you ever felt that mutual, empathic release from improving the day of just one more of your fellow man or woman? Have you given presents to a family on Christmas because they could not afford them and seen relief, faith and hope in their eyes?

Have you helped a friend or colleague with a mountain of work that was wearing them down? Have you seen them sigh in relief and maybe hear that they went home happier because you alleviated that small stress?

Have you helped a family member with a bill, knowing she or he would pay you back, just that they were tight and desperate that moment of time? Have you felt the small ease of their suffering thanks to your light?

I wonder about people who hold their money so close they can’t even be bothered to raise the salary of a hardworking employee because God forbid, they need to make payments on their second or third sports car.

I wonder if they’ve ever give anyone a moment of their precious time to move them to another house or fix them a meal when they are hungry and struggling to pay bills.

I wonder.

But then again, I am no stranger to generosity. I have received it and felt grateful. I have given and felt relief and grace. Just seeing someone’s smile or feeling someone’s hug because I helped them makes my day. It makes getting out of bed and dealing with the not-so generous worthwhile.

I admit, my husband and I don’t have much money, but if I can redirect some small part of it to another source, rather than say, a Starbucks visit, I’m willing to do that.

Today I contributed to the Reading Rainbow kickstarter and another kickstarter project. I know it was some of my drinking money for my upcoming vacation, but really, it’s going to a better place now, don’t you think?


H.K. Rowe


2 thoughts on “A Giving Post

  1. Such a lovely post. I agree, it’s good to make an effort to be generous to others. I probably don’t do as much of that as I can, but I still try a little when I can…

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