Killer Orange Excerpt

This is the same excerpt that I posted to my Facebook today so apologies if you see this twice.

This is one of my favorite scenes from “Killer Orange” my new novella coming out at the end of August.

“Ah yes, nice to meet you. You’re the divorced artist,” he said, giving her a slight wink. His face seemed to radiate with a natural glow, and she couldn’t imagine he had an evil bone in his body. He seemed so good-natured and relaxed.

She frowned slightly at what he called her. “Wow, news gets around fast. I only talked to a few other neighbors this morning about such personal things.”

“OH!” he exclaimed shrilly, which for a second, almost made her wonder about his sexuality. His movements seemed exaggerated, and he looked rather upset he’d seemed to say such a thing so casually. “I am very sorry. I didn’t talk to any other neighbors. I’m just friends with Jill.”


“Jill Highland, the lady who sold you the house,” he said with a too-bright smile.

“Oh! The real estate lady from ReMax. I see. That makes sense. She practically knows my social security number,” Rebecca mused, and she eyed Daniel suspiciously. “She didn’t tell you that, did she?”


H.K. Rowe


4 thoughts on “Killer Orange Excerpt

  1. Loving this excerpt! (The bit with the social security number was especially amusing!) And this novella is coming out at the end of August? Wow, that’s so soon! Congrats, and good luck! 🙂

    • Yes, I know. Sending it out to my betas this week. Excitement! I’m really knuckling down on this deadline…I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…

  2. Very excited about this 🙂 Reading it will be a nice way to spend Labor Day weekend. The book seems like it’s got a summer-y feel to it, and it’ll be a great cap to the season!

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