Bit by Bit

The August deadline for my next book Killer Orange is looming close. Of course, I am glad I didn’t specify a deadline day in August because now it’s looking like August 31st will be the day.

I apologize for neglecting this blog, but in reality, any morsel of freedom I’ve had lately has been devoted to writing and editing this book. I am THIS close to sending out to beta readers. Thankfully it’s a shorter story, the same length as Unbridled.

Once that’s out in the hands of my betas, I’ll be working on the cover design, and then editing again when I get feedback. The formatting process doesn’t take me too long (hello, designer!) but I really want to be careful with the editing process for this book more than anything else.

So that’s where things are. Look forward to some excerpts, and maybe a reduced price of Unbridled coming up. I will still be doing a book giveaway on Goodreads but I haven’t been able to order print copies yet more than anything to begin that.

Well, back to my work day and then hopefully writing time later!


I can relate…

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