Beta Time!

My romantic comedy Killer Orange is off to my beta readers and I’m wondering just where the night went. I didn’t think reworking one scene would take me so long, but with another half hour or so of polish, I sent it off to my beta readers. I know my deadline is in a rush, so I hope it works for them.

I’m beat. I also brought work home and did a little of that, and I’m pretty much running on fumes. Writing is hard work. I feel like I have two full time jobs and one part time job, and the part time job is the most relaxing, which isn’t writing!

This novel has sucked up my summer and I know it’ll continue doing so. I have to catch up with other “life” things but soon I’ll be working on the cover for this book. That takes time too, especially on how particular I am.

Well, this day is done. I’m going to read until my eye balls hurt and then get some much needed sleep.



H.K. Rowe

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