Did You Know? I design my own covers!

I’ve designed every cover of my stories. I’ve also done some covers for other authors too! I’m always open to working with indie authors for covers. I know that indie authors don’t have much money like traditional publishers working on their books. I have some flexible pricing when it comes to cover creation, but let’s get into that later.

I have over twenty years of graphic and web design experience, which is what I’m doing right now as my day job. I love writing, but I love my day job working on graphics and websites as well! And well, creating book covers, photo-manipulations and banners is one of my favorite hobbies.

Here are some of the covers I’ve done.

And I’ve also worked with indie writer Rebecca Crunden. Her Outlands Pentalogy are some of my favorite covers.

If you need some help with book cover design, please send me a comment! I’d love to help.


HK Rowe

3 thoughts on “Did You Know? I design my own covers!

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  2. I wanted to check with you about cover designs. I’m a new author writing in the mystery, thriller and suspense genre. I published my first book in September and number two should publish in late May.

    • OMG I’m a terrible person for missing this. for some reason WP flagged this as potential spam and I never saw it. My apologies! I wish you luck with your books. I’m not doing freelance projects right now as I have been working for over a year as a design consultant with a major brand. But thanks for stopping by!

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