Writing Blues

Real life continues to monopolize my time away from productive writing. I don’t know if everything I’m going through is supposed to be a challenge to that or what.

I’ve been sick for the past few days with a bad cold. I’m still getting over it. I’m hoping to get the energy and mental capacity to bring 100% to my edits. Until then, I just rest and let the medicine do its magic.

Work starts again tomorrow and I know I’m going to get pounded with work. Mostly because one coworker has left and I’ll be getting his work, plus the responsibility for looking for someone to replace him. Ugh. The trials of working for a small company. You get to wear many hats.

At least I have Doctor Who. Yes! I’m a huge Whovian. I can’t help it. The show is my balm to all my life’s trials.

I still plan on doing a Goodreads giveaway. The editing is just taking FOREVER per chapter. I suppose it’s good that it’s such a slash and burn. Something better has to come out of all that effort.

Until next update. Cheers.

HK Rowe

4 thoughts on “Writing Blues

  1. Feel better! I woke up this morning with a virus that two of my girls have had all week, so I feel your pain. Hoping that going back to work tomorrow isn’t TOO stressful for you… Not sure how I’m going to manage it myself. But, the world keeps turning… :-). Sleep well!

  2. Aw, being sick is so frustrating. I just got over a sinus infection myself. And that infection happened RIGHT as I wanted to get cracking on my book again. Argh! Hope your meds kick in and you get better soon!

    • Thanks!
      There’s this crazy virus going around here. I hope it’s not that but it seems to be the story.
      I just need to rest, which is sometimes impossible in my life. Oh, to feel better though I may have to…

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