A Learning Experience


I’m getting more of my drafts back from my beta readers, and I feel like I still have a lot to learn about self-publishing, about deadlines and about editing and how much this process takes.

Editing is CRUCIAL, but what I’ve found that is also crucial is not to subscribe to tight deadlines UNTIL someone has read your draft. Someone other than your mother or your best friend, but someone else that you can trust tell you exactly how they feel about the story because they are experienced writers and readers.

I got a line edit back for Killer Orange and it looks like it’ll need more polish and TLC before my original release date. Am I sad? Not really. I’m cautious and thankful, and I feel a little foolish.

Am I going to make my self-imposed release on August 31st? Probably not – not with the scorch and burn editing I want to do, the submission back to a few beta readers AGAIN, and then the final polish. It’s going to take more loving care, as mentioned.

To make up for it, I’m going to do something for Unbridled. I think I’m going to do a promo during that first week of September at a lower price.

I thought it would be smooth sailing with this book, and I envy authors that can pump out three to four books a year. It boggles my mind. Of course they are probably full time writers, or at least have part time jobs. I can’t wrap my brain around it; I can only work on what works best for ME as an author.

I’ve learned a lot this past summer. I read at another blog that your first couple of books are going to suck. That your fifth book’s draft is going to suck, but it’s a journey and maybe someday I’ll learn and get to a point where I’ve hit my stride. Success for things like this do not happen over night (for those who do have such success, please tell me your secrets!). The original writing business is so SO much different than writing a mere drabble or one-shot of fanfiction for your favorite manga or TV series. There IS blood, sweat, tears, and feelings of complete self-loathing to this process.

The good thing is… I abhor self-loathing and I never dwell in such dark places within myself for too long. I’m ready pour myself a glass of wine, fire up the computer, hook up my dual monitor screens, and start slashing this baby.

But before I do that I have to finish my day job, go to my part job tonight, and attend a funeral tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted on those upcoming promotions!


HK Rowe

8 thoughts on “A Learning Experience

  1. I think you have the right idea and the right approach – and I also think it’s one of the best parts of self-publishing. Unexpected need to revise? No problem – push back your release date. People waiting and wanting to read your book aren’t going to mind – they are going to be willing to wait for your best! (I may have a similar situation on the horizon; so I’ve spent quite a bit of time dwelling on the subject.)

    I envy you your ability to not dwell in the dark places with yourself for too long.

    Sorry to hear you have a funeral to attend :-(.

    Best to you as you continue the writing/editing/revising process!

    • Seriously. I felt so much anxiety as this deadline approached that I knew I wasn’t ready. I’m glad I can give myself some flexibility to produce something better. Indie publishing is pretty amazing.

      Thank you! And good luck to you as well. 🙂

      • Thanks!
        Also, I have no idea how people pump out 3 or 4 books a year..?? If they are good, high-quality writing, I really do not comprehend it, unless as you say, they do not have any other full time job. (I did just publish my third this year, but they all were already mostly written and just needed touching up.) There is no way I could write more than one – maybe two if my kids would parent themselves! – in a year.

      • I’m with you. Most of the stuff I have written are from NaNoWriMo and even polishing those are a chore.
        And if only my husbad can parent himself! 😛

      • LOL!
        Oh, YAY a fellow NaNo-er! Are you planning to participate this year? November is the start to each new writing year for me – I get the bulk of the novel written then; take a break for the holidays, spend a couple of months finishing it up and a couple of months on edits. Then it’s off to Beta Readers while I take a little “break” before November starts again!

      • Yes, I’m going to try! I get a majority of my writing done too, plus it’s nice to join something that others are doing as well.
        Sounds like a good writing plan!

  2. I’m mind-boggled by authors who are able to publish 3-4 books a year, too. It’s like, where do they find the time, much less the energy? It always seems superhuman to me, heh.

    Anyway, good luck with all the edits you still need to do! Crafting a great book is definitely better than meeting a self-imposed deadline. I think it’s fantastic that you don’t let self-loathing get the best of you. It’s something that’s always hard for me to escape, which definitely affects productivity…

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