Books – My Heavy Obsession

As a book lover, I never realized how obsessed I was with reading until my husband and I had to pack up our house because we’re trying to sell at the end of the month.

Yes, ten bookshelves full of books seems excessive to normal people, but I never thought it was anything bordering on a weird obsession. Now I have to put my books away into storage, and placing them in boxes not only is a taxing endeavor, it’s making my house feel very lonely. As we’ve packed up two rooms of books, I walk by missing the perfectly orderly spines of books and books with titles and authors that are much beloved. I know for some time I will have to accept that my prized books are going into storage, but that doesn’t mean I don’t experience some separation anxiety.

On my nightstand, I have a stack of ten or so books that I’m clinging to just for comfort that will not go into storage (I dare my husband to pry them from my cold dead hands). Some I’m in the middle of reading, some I may read while this whole moving/selling process is going on. I keep reminding myself, “I still have all the books on my kindle.”

But I never realized until how much my books comforted me. Yes, I will probably never finish every book. Or, if I do, I will be well into my 90s. But in any case, they are not just a decoration to me. They are portals to worlds that give me comfort knowing they are there, ready for me to jump into them and escape.

Moving on its own is stressful endeavor, but taking them out of their homes on shelves definitely exhibits a sort of emptiness. I only hope in the next place we live I can proudly display them again, and I’m also hoping that I never have to move again, that the next house is the ONE and my books never have to be stored or thrown into boxes again.

In addition to that I realized something else, put all those books in boxes, and damn those things are heavy!

If I have to put my books away, I better damn well get well-toned arms out of moving them all!


H.K. Rowe

11 thoughts on “Books – My Heavy Obsession

  1. Two words, bb: rolling suitcases. 10 shelves is a LOT, so you probably can’t use suitcases for all. But they definetly help. I filled a Rubbermaid with books last time and I couldn’t even drag that weight across the carpet!

    I love the used book store so I’m sure my collection will grow and grow. I only have two shelves at the moment though, so I need to invest in more. I already have book overflow!

    • We are actually going to get another trolly. We have one already, so we’ll just stick the boxes on that and roll them all into storage, lol. No way am I carrying all these heavy ass boxes!

  2. Happy moving! (I hate moving!) I’m jealous you even have room for that many bookshelves :-D. I have 2 very large ones, and need to add a third in our office, but after that, there’s no room for any more bookshelves.

      • I don’t even know how I have room in this small townhome for bookshelves, but it’s probably because we don’t have kids yet.

        Oh! I hope you enjoyed RenFaire. I wish I could go this year, we are just too busy! There’s always next year I guess…

  3. I agree. I have several rooms with walls of books. I love just looking at them. I also have a hall closet packed with books I’ve read and don’t have room to display. I sent a carful of thrillers to my daughter’s ship, USS Bunker Hill, when they were looking to expand their library. It barely made a dent.

    • At least I’m not alone! I am donating five bags of my books that I’ve read and I’ve barely made a dent either. I think it may be a serious problem… lol.

  4. I fear the day I need to move. I’m pretty certain at least half of my belongings are books and comics, haha. So, yeah, I know what it’s like to live with an obsession like this. Glad you’re able to keep ten of your books with you in the meantime!

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