No. I’m not dead.

So the month of March turned our to be my own personal tornado. I basically got nothing done for myself thanks to the whirlwind that is my personal life. Not only that, I had some huge demands at my full time job so free time took a backseat.

It was stressful. I’m not going to go into it in details because most of it I don’t want to relive, but here’s what really bogged me up:

– I had to make a deposition for a lawsuit concerning an old workplace of mine. It stressed me out so badly my anxiety came back. I had bad dreams because of it and some depression, so what else do I do to combat that? Binge watch TV shows, read a lot, sleep and spend time with my #1 fan, my hubby. And my dogs.

– I had to prepare for a Meet Up presentation for work. It had to be about an hour long. I had to do a LOT of research, writing, and compiling. I had help from a coworker but most of the meat and potatoes of it was mine. I was stressed about that too. But… it went well.

– Trade shows. I had a trade show to go to for work, which meant I had to catch up with my regular work at night. So I barely got much sleep.

– Family stuff. My mom’s birthday, going through my grandma’s stuff because she’s now at a nursing home and we’re selling her house, and a cousin’s party.

– Food poisoning. I got pretty ill off something… and I was pretty much sick and had no appetite for a week. It sucked.

I don’t know what happened to March but that was where the majority of it went. I’ve been exhausted most of the month and I crashed when I had free time.

Now April is coming, and so is Camp NaNoWriMo so I’m hoping to be back in the swing of writing. I’m also gathering editors/beta readers to help me out since the one editor I was emailing fell off the face of the earth and stopped contacting me. Hrmm.

I hope everyone is well. Sorry for the absence. I will be catching up with all your posts soon.


H.K. Rowe

4 thoughts on “No. I’m not dead.

  1. Sorry your March ended up being so stressful and exhausting! I can’t even imagine how big of a headache a lot of this must’ve been. That’s an insane amount to deal with over just the span of a month. Hopefully April will treat you much better than this!

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