5 Great Writing Resources That You Should Know About #amwriting

I’m definitely bookmarking this.

That Typing Sound

1) Chaotic Shiny:

This site, in reality, is the probably one of the only sites you need. It has like 50+ generators, and has many uses. Great for science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction writing.

2) Behind The Name:

It has a random name generator, name meanings for both first names and last names, and names that mean specific things.This could be used for any type of fiction writing when you need to come up with cool-sounding names, and especially when you want your characters’ names to have specific meaning.

3) Seventh Sanctum:

Like Chaotic Shiny, this site has lots and lots of different generators, including the What-if-inator, and the Alien Race Generator, which includes up to a paragraph of description for each generated result. This is a good website for fiction in general, but especially for fantasy, science fiction (and writing…

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