Behind Unbridled – Character Sketches

With the upcoming release of my novel “Unbridled”, I wanted to share some of the processes I went through to breathe life into my story. One of my favorite things to do, and most essential, is to sketch the characters that come alive in my mind. I did a variety of character sketches, doodles, and even a colored work of my characters and the personalities I wanted to convey.

By sketching them out, I find I can come closer to their nature, learn about them, and solidify their true personality by putting pencil to paper without words.

Here are a variety of artworks created for “Unbridled” which helped satisfy my muse as well as shape these characters.


I seem to be lacking in Brian sketches. I felt that after sketching him once within the group picture, I was satisfied with his personality. My favorite of the mix is Staisha, with her calculated resolve as her hair draws back a little to reveal the scar on her neck.


I had fun making a color “manga cover” out of this at one point. Another one of my obsessions come to life.


At one point “Unbridled” had its own website with the first “un-drafted” eight chapters up for consumption. This was the header. Website building is another passion of mine that was partnered with this story. It was known as “Unbridled Aria” then and Howin was actually Hay Lin, named after one of the characters in the Disney W.I.T.C.H. show. Through the drafting process though,the title and that character name changed.

I hope you enjoyed some little treats from the process of making this story. More to come soon, such as a cover reveal! Thanks for stopping by!


– H.K. Rowe

2 thoughts on “Behind Unbridled – Character Sketches

  1. Great sketches! I like to do the same thing with my own characters before diving into a project. It really does help bring out their personalities! I can’t help but be intrigued by UNBRIDLED after seeing these character designs! 🙂

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